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They come in popular calibers like 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO. Due to their light weight and high power, bolt-action firearms make for great hunting rifles. We’re proud to stock premium rifles from the top bolt-action brands like BrowningWeatherbySavageWinchesterRemingtonMossberg and more. Take a look at our selection of bolt-action rifles today, and find that perfect firearm for your next hunting trip or range session.


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best place to buy bolt action rifles. Buy Bolt Action online. Bolt action is a form of manual firearm action in which the bolt is controlled directly by a bolt handle, which is usually located on the weapon's right side (as most users are right-handed).
The handle of most bolt-action weapons must first be cranked upward to disengage the bolt from the receiver, then drawn back to open the breech and allow any spent cartridge case to be retrieved and expelled.
This also engages the striker against the sear by cocking the striker within the bolt (either on opening or shutting the bolt, depending on the gun type). A new cartridge (if available) is pushed out of the magazine when the bolt is moved back forward.
Most bolt-action firearms use a rotating bolt design, where the handle must first be rotated upward to unlock the bolt from the receiver, then pulled back to open the breech and allowing any spent cartridge case to be extracted and ejected.
This also cocks the striker within the bolt (either on opening or closing of the bolt depending on the gun design) and engages it against the sear. Upon the bolt being pushed back forward, a new cartridge (if available) is pushed out of the magazine and
Bolt-action weapons are usually repeating firearms, however, some single-shot breechloaders employ a bolt-action breechblock system as well. The bulk of these weapons rifles, although there are also shotguns and pistols with bolt-action variations.
These may be found in the early nineteenth century, most notably in the Dreyse needle pistol. Bolt-action rifles were the standard infantry service weapons for most of the world's military forces from the late 1800s through the end of both World Wars.
Bolt-action firearms have largely been replaced by semi-automatic and selective-fire firearms in modern military and law enforcement, with sniper rifles remaining the only exception due to the design's inherent potential for superior accuracy and precision, as well as ruggedness and reliability when compared to semi-automatic and selective-fire firearms.

Major bolt-action systems

Bolt that rotates

The majority of bolt-action designs use a rotating bolt (or "turn pull") design, which requires the shooter to unlock the bolt from the breach and cock the firing pin with an upward "rotating" movement of the handle, followed by a rearward "pull" to open the breech, extract the spent cartridge case, and then repeat the process to chamber the next cartridge and relock the breech.
The Mauser system, the Lee–Enfield system, and the Mosin–Nagant system are the four major turn bolt-action designs: the Remington M-700, possibly the most widely produced rifle in history, which is now also used as the basis for most custom competition rifle actions, the Mauser system, the Lee–Enfield system, and the Mosin–Nagant system.
The way the bolt fits into the receiver, how the bolt rotates as it is operated, the number of locking lugs that hold the bolt in place as the gun is fired, and whether the action is cocked on the opening of the bolt (as in the Mauser and Mosin Nagant systems) or the closing of the bolt (as in the Lee–Enfield system) are all differences.
The great majority of contemporary bolt-action rifles were manufactured for the commercial market after WWII, with Remington producing tens of millions of the Model 700, two others using the Mauser system, and other designs such as the Lee–Enfield system and the Mosin Nagant system having relatively limited production.
A Karabiner 98k action that has been dismantled.
The Mauser bolt-action mechanism was finished in Paul Mauser's Gewehr 98, which was based on 19th-century Mauser bolt-action rifle designs.
It is the most widely used bolt-action system in the world, with practically all contemporary hunting rifles and the bulk of military bolt-action rifles using it until the middle of the twentieth century.
Due to two locking lugs right behind the bolt head, the Mauser system is stronger than the Lee– Enfield's, allowing it can withstand higher-pressure cartridges (i.e. magnum cartridges).
The Mauser M 98 bolt action was developed for the 868mm S and 9.364mm Brenneke magnum rifle cartridge "families."
The addition of a third locking lug at the back of the bolt, which ordinarily did not lock the bolt because it would produce unequal locking forces, was a revolutionary safety measure.
The Mauser system has a "cock on opening," which means that when the rifle is opened, the bolt rotates upward, cocking the action. One disadvantage of the Mauser M 98 system is that it is difficult to mass-produce at a low cost.
To make manufacturing easier, several Mauser M 98-inspired versions include technical changes, such as eliminating the third safety locking nut.
The simple, sturdy, safe, and well-thought-out design of the controlled-feed Mauser M 98 bolt-action system influenced various military and hunting/sporting rifle designs that were available during the twentieth century, including the:
  • Gewehr 98/Karabiner 98k
  • M24 series
  • vz. 24/vz. 33
  • Type 24 rifle
  • M1903 Springfield
  • Pattern 1914 Enfield
  • M1917 Enfield
  • Arisaka Type 38/Type 99
  • M48 Mauser
  • Kb wz. 98a/Karabinek wz. 1929
  • FR8
  • modern hunting/sporting rifles like the CZ 550, Heym Express Magnum, Winchester Model 70 , and the Mauser M 98
  • modern sniper rifles like the Sako TRG, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare , and GOL Sniper Magnum
Versions of the Mauser action designed before the Gewehr 98's introduction, such as that of the Swedish Mauser rifles and carbines, lack the third locking lug and feature a "cock on closing" operation.


The Lee–Enfield bolt-action system was first introduced in 1889 with the Lee–Metford and later Lee–Enfield rifles (the bolt system is named after designer James Paris Lee, and the barrel rifling is named after the Royal Small Arms Factory in the London Borough of Enfield), and is a "cock on closing" action in which the forward thrust of the bolt cocks the action. By cycling the bolt, a shooter may maintain his or her eyes on the sights and the target without distraction. The flexibility of the bolt between the lugs and the chamber to flex protects the shooter in the event of a catastrophic chamber overpressure. The downside of backward bolt lugs is that a greater portion of the receiver, between the chamber and the lugs, must be strengthened and heavier to withstand stretching stresses. Furthermore, the bolt upstream of the lugs may bend while firing, which, while a safety benefit, may eventually result in additional headspace. Repeated firing can cause receiver "stretch" and excessive headspace, which can be corrected by changing the removable bolt head to a larger one (the Lee–Enfield bolt manufacturer used a mass production method where the bolt body was fitted with one of three standard size bolt heads for correct headspace at final assembly). The Lee–Enfield bolt mechanism was employed in a variety of commercial sports and hunting rifles made by companies including BSA, LSA, and Parker–Hale in the United Kingdom, as well as SAF Lithgow in Australia, in the years leading up to WWII. The Lee–Enfield bolt mechanism is used in the M10 and No 4 Mk IV rifles made by Australian International Arms, and it was utilized in a large number of ex-military SMLE Mk III rifles sporterized after WWII to make cheap, efficient hunting rifles. India's Rifle Factory Ishapore makes a.315 hunting and sports rifle with a Lee Enfield mechanism.
  • Lee–Enfield (all marks and models)
  • Ishapore 2A1
  • Various hunting/sporting rifles manufactured by BSALSA, SAF Lithgow, and Parker Hale
  • Australian International Arms M10 and No 4 Mk IV hunting/sporting rifles
  • Rifle Factory Ishapore's hunting Lee Enfield rifle in .315

In bolt action, what can you do?

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What is World War II bolt action?

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What is the mechanism of a bolt-action rifle?

The handle of most bolt-action weapons must first be cranked upward to disengage the bolt from the receiver, then drawn back to open the breech and allow any spent cartridge case to be retrieved and expelled.

What is the definition of a bolt action rifle?

Bolt action is a form of manual firearm action in which the bolt is controlled directly by a bolt handle, which is usually located on the weapon's right side (as most users are right-handed ).

What is the difference between a bolt-action rifle and a lever-action rifle?

The bolt-action rifle is a high-precision weapon. They have been regarded as a marksman's tool since their popularization in the latter part of the nineteenth century. You only have one shot to strike your target before the action cycles, so you want your gun to hit it every time.

Why should you purchase a bolt action rifle?

The bolt action rifle has been a favorite of hunters, range shooters, military snipers, and collectors for about 200 years. Its simplicity, precision, dependability, affordability, and ease of maintenance make it appealing.

What is the finest hunting bolt action rifle?

In America, a rifle like this is the archetypal bolt action hunting rifle. The Model 70 Featherweight symbolizes a traditional, dependable, lightweight bolt action rifle for the outdoor sportsman/enthusiast that is best suited for medium to big game to roughly 500 yards.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle?

Meet the Remington Model 700 Bolt Action rifle if you want simple, classic style, comfort, and dependability. Because of its basic, low-maintenance dependability and accuracy, the 700 has been around for half a century and continues to be relevant.

What is considered the best bolt action rifle?

  1. Remington Model 700: Best Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle. The Remington Model 700 is the best tactical bolt-action rifle on the market today.
  2. Winchester XPR: Best Budget Bolt-Action Rifle.
  3. Savage 110 Storm: Best Bolt-Action Rifle for the Money.
  4. Ruger American Ranch: Best 5.56 Bolt-Action Rifle.

Is a bolt action rifle suitable for hunting?

Bolt-action rifles are the most popular for large game rifle shooting because they come in a broad range of calibers, are easy to maintain, and are extremely reliable. Semi-automatic rifles, on the other hand, have a place in the field.

What is the purpose of a bolt action rifle?

Bolt-action rifles are mostly utilized as hunting weapons nowadays. These rifles are capable of delivering a single killing shot from a safe distance and may be used to hunt anything from vermin to deer and large wildlife, especially big species caught on a safari.

What are some of the benefits of a bolt action rifle?

Bolt actions provide more scope diversity in addition to more ammunition and caliber versatility. They operate well with a variety of scope designs, both classic and cutting-edge. Bolt action rifles also offer more versatility for close-range and long-range engagements, as well as the ability to free float the barrel if necessary.

Is Marlin a manufacturer of bolt-action rifles?

Marlin's 22 caliber rimfire rifles are ideal for target shooting and small game hunting. These bolt-action 22s are dependable, precise, and enjoyable to fire. They come in a variety of versions with 4 or 7-shot clip magazines, synthetic, hardwood, or laminated stocks, ramp sights, hood sights, or fiber-optic sights, and ramp sights, hood sights, or fiber-optic sights.
Are bolt action rifles prone to jamming?
A bolt action also permits a cartridge to fit better and tighter in the chamber. Because of the way the action works and the forces involved, this would be a jam waiting to happen in a semi-auto, but the simpler bolt action handles it just fine.
Is it true that bolt action rifles are more powerful than semi-automatic rifles?
A bolt action rifle is more powerful than a semiautomatic rifle when using the same ammunition (powder, casing, bullet weight and form, etc.). To operate the reloading mechanism, you must utilize some of the powder's energy.
Do bolt actions have a lower weight?
For the outside barbecue, the Bolt Action Rifle BBQ Lighter is "Another Gibson Original." Rifle lighters come in a variety of styles. Our Gun Lighters are all individually numbered and valuable. The Bolt Action Rifle with a realistic Rifle Scope and Wood Grain texture was a labor of love for us.